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St Juliana Falconieri

In 1270 Saint Juliana Falconieri was born a late birth - an answer to a prayer - of the noble Falconieri family of Florence. Her parents, Chiarissimo and Riguirdata Falconieri, paid for the construction of the church of the Annunziata. Though her father died when she was still fairly young, she was never given to the diversions of other girls her age, and upon hearing of her mother's plan to marry her, professed a wish to join the religious life. She was then 15.

Juliana was instructed by her uncle, St. Alexis - one of the Seven Holy founders of the Servite Order. A year later she was made a tertiary. Her mother had been initially opposed to her vocation, but considering the death of Juliana's father, her mother put Juliana under the Saint's direction, then later put herself under Juliana's direction.

In 1304, her mother passed and she went to a community of Servite nuns where she eventually was pressed into service as Superior, against her wishes. She drew up a set of regulations, and was so influential she is known as the Foundress of the Servite nuns. This even though she did not come into the Order at its inception.

The bodily mortifications Juliana put to herself greatly weakened her health, and late in life she was given to chronic gastric ailments. This eventually took the life of Saint Juliana Falonieri, at the age of 71, in 1341.

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