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What are Saints?

Throughout Christian history, the Catholic community has recognized in a particular way those of her members that have, through God's grace, lived lives worthy of emulation: filled with faith, hope and charity. This article explains exactly what a Saint is:

How is someone made a Saint?

Although in the Early Church, there was no formal process for declaring a person to be a Saint, for many Centuries now the Church has had a formal process by which she investigates the lives of those who died "in the odour of sanctity" and decides whether they should be first beatified and then canonized. To learn more, read this article on the process of becoming a Saint

Doctors of the Church?

Some of the Church's greatest Saints have also been her greatest thinkers and theologians. The Church recognises those who have contributed especially to the development of Christian thought by declaring them to be Doctors of the Church.


Follow the links below to read about the lives of some extraordinary Catholics throughout the history of the Church:

Jesus' Companions & the Infant Church

St Anne (Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
St Joachim (Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
St Elizabeth (Mother of St John the Baptist)
St John the Baptist
St Peter (First Pope, Apostle)
St Andrew (Apostle)
St Bartholomew (Apostle)
St John (Apostle and Evangelist)
St Jude (Thaddeus) (Apostle)
St Thomas (Apostle)
St Matthew (Apostle and Evangelist)
St James the Less (Apostle)
St James the Greater (Apostle)
St Philip (Apostle)
St Simon (Apostle)
St Matthias (Apostle)
St Paul (Apostle to the Gentiles)
St Mary Magdalene (Disciple of Our Lord)
St Martha (Disciple of Our Lord)

The Early Martyrs

The Age of the Fathers

The Monastics

The Blossoming of Western Spirituality

The 11th to 14th Centuries

Reformation & Counter-Reformation

The 15th to 17th Centuries

Missionaries to the New World

The 17th and 18th Centuries

Revolution & Enlightenment

The 19th Century

The Modern Era

The 20th Century

Longer articles

St Bernadette Soubirous (Nun - Visionary at Lourdes)
St Maximilian Kolbe (Priest - Died at Auschwitz)
St Simeon Stylites (Hermit)

Shorter articles

First Martyrs of the Church of Rome
St Aloysius Gonzaga (Patron Saint of Youth)
St Anthelm (French Monk and Bishop)
St Anthony of Padua (Doctor of the Church | Patron of Lost Items)
St Benedict (Founder of the Benedictine Order of Monks)
St Bonaventure (Doctor of the Church)
St Camillus of Lellis (Patron of Nurses)
St Cyril of Alexandria (One of the Eastern Fathers)
St Gregory Barbagio
St Irenaeus (One of the Eastern Fathers)
St Juliana Falconieri
St Maria Goretti (12yo Rape Victim)
St Oliver Plunket
St Silverius
St Thomas Garnet
St Thomas More (Patron of Lawyers, Beheaded by Henry VIII)

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