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Moral Issues


Sin by Paul McLachlan

What is sin? Mortal Sin? Venial Sin? Is sin social or personal? This article explains what sin is, with particular reference to Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Exhortation Reconcilatio et Paenetentia.

Confronting the Devil's Power by Pope Paul VI

This is the text of the Holy Father's catechesis on the Devil at his general audience on 15 November 1972.


Of Human Life by Archbishop Charles Chaput

His Grace wrote a pastoral letter to the faithful in his Archdiocese to mark the 30th Anniversary of Pope Paul VI's encyclical "Humanae Vitae" restating the ban on using birth control. It is an excellent document that tries once again to convince those who have closed their hearts to this prophetic teaching.

Answers to some common misconceptions by Paul McLachlan

We recently took part in a discussion group for Catholic married couples. We felt so strongly about the misconceptions the other Catholics had about the Church's teaching on contraception that we provided this written response! It sets out a number of the most common misconceptions about contraception and the Church's teaching and explains the correct position. It's something of an FAQ on Catholic teaching on birth control!

Contraception: Fatal to the Faith by Fr John Hardon SJ

Respected Jesuit theologian, Fr John Hardon, explains why dissent from the Church's teaching in Humanae Vitae destroys the Faith.

Is Humanae Vitae infallible? by Fr Brian Harrison

Fr Harrison argues that Humanae Vitae fulfils the requirements of an infallible teaching.

In Obedience to Christ by Bishop Flavin

A 1991 pastoral letter from Bishop Flavin of Lincoln, Nebraska to Catholic spouses and doctors.

Rejecting Humanae Vitae is a Sin by Bishop Flavin

This is the text of an address by Cardinal Angelini to Catholic Health Care workers.

Pope John Paul II's Teaching on Marriage

Taken from a series of lectures given at His Holiness' weekly audiences in 1984.


Is the Population Explosion over yet?

An excellent article on just how bleak the future will be if the birth rate continues to decline.

UN admits it was wrong about overpopulation

This is a newswire article reporting that the UN has admitted it had grossly overestimated the increase in the world's population. Sadly, no apology to the children in the Third World who were aborted because of coercive population control measures implemented by the UN or with its blessing because of its alarmist population projections...

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