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Some Personal Thoughts

... on Reform of the Mass

Lumen Gentium speaks of the Eucharist as being the source and the summit of the Church. Without the Mass and the Eucharist, the Catholic Church could not be the Catholic Church. Countless converts, former Protestants, attest to the fact that the thing that drew them most to the Catholic Faith was the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Certainly, the Mass is central to the Faith life. Little wonder then that problems with the Liturgy of the Mass lead to problems in the life of Faith. A poor understanding of the Mass betrays an unwillingness to learn about the Faith, to deepen the Faith, to pass on the Faith, to defend it. Feminists in California are celebrating their own "mass", no need for a priest. Disaffected and disobedient priests around the world are taking liberties with the Holy Mass that scandalize the Faithful. And many are attending the Traditional Latin Mass thanks to the Holy Father's generous permission for that mass to be resurrected after Pope Paul VI decided it would be better to completely ban it.

The Archbishop of Brisbane has recently approved the establishment of a permanent home for the Latin Mass Community here in Brisbane. There is now a Latin Mass offered every weekend in the same location allowing a true community to develop. My family and I have decided we will start attending this Mass exclusively for Sunday Mass.

We do not for a second believe that the new Mass is invalid, or evil, or doctrinally unsound. (There are, unfortunately, plenty who do...) But, it is hard to deny the great value and beauty of the Latin Mass.

I have no firm views on what I would like to see happen in the future. Some would like to see a Tridentine Latin Rite coexist alongside a Novus Ordo Latin Rite with ample access to Tridentine Parishes in all dioceses. Others would like to see the abolition of the new Mass and the restoration of the old Mass. Others would like to try and implement Vatican II's Constitution on the Liturgy in accordance with the Fathers' wishes, rather than the agenda of the Consilium set up by Pope Paul VI. At this stage, I am grateful to be able to attend this beautiful Mass and pray that great fruit will continue to flow from the Catholic communities around the World that worship God according to the Roman Missal of 1962.

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