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Mass & Liturgy

Personal thoughts on the Mass by Paul McLachlan

A brief explanation of how I feel about the liturgy, the Ecclesia Dei indult, the implementation (or lack thereof) of Vatican II and more.

Some History of the Development of the Mass by Paul McLachlan

A short history of the development of the Mass of the Roman Rite from Apostolic Times, through the reforms of Pope St Gregory the Great, Pope St Pius V and Pope Paul VI.

Sacrosanctum Concilium

This is the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy from the Second Vatican Council. This is the document which first called for there to be a revision of the Mass. Read what the Fathers at Vatican II actually said should be done, and compare it to what actually happened. You'll be astonished! Of special interest are the sections stating that Latin must remain the language of the Mass, Gregorian Chant should be given pride of place, and Pipe Organ music should be retained!

A Tour of the Traditional Latin Mass by Paul McLachlan

This article steps through what happens at a Traditional Latin Mass for those who are not familiar with it. [This is the Mass which most practising Catholics attended prior to Vatican II, and which may be celebrated again because of an "indult" (permission) given by the Pope.]

A Tour of the Mass of Pope Paul VI by Paul McLachlan

This article steps through what happens at the new Mass for those who are new to it or unfamiliar with it. [This is the Mass which most practising Catholics now attend.]

The Ottaviani Intervention by Cardinals Ottaviani & Bacci

This essay was co-authored by Cardinal Ottaviana soon after Pope Paul VI announced the promulgation of the new Order of Mass. Cardinal Ottaviani was Prefect of the Congregation of the Holy Office, which was the former name of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In matters of faith and morals, he was second only to the Pope in authority. His opinions cannot be dismissed lightly.

The Case for the Latin Mass by Dietrich Von Hildebrand

This is a persuasive article arguing for the retention of the Latin Mass written by one of the greatest Catholic thinkers of this Century. Pope Pius XII called him a modern Doctor of the Church. Von Hildebrand wrote a number of books on the crisis in the Church and in the Liturgy following Vatican II.

The Vatican Rejects ICEL's Translation of the Rite of Ordination

One of the most vociferous criticisms of the new Order of Mass is the quality and faithfulness of its English translation prepared by the International Committee for English in the Liturgy (ICEL). This article sets out a letter and several important criticisms of Cardinal Medina Estevez (head of the Vatican Congregation responsible for the Liturgy) of ICEL's 1996 translation of the new rite of Ordination for Bishops, Priests and Deacons. This will give hope to those who look forward to the day when the English-speaking world will have a correct and faithful vernacular translation of the Holy Mass.

St Anthony of Padua and the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament

This short anecdote recounts how St Anthony of Padua proved to a non-believer that Our Lord is truly, physically present in the Blessed Sacrament.

Rethinking Communion in the Hand by Jude Huntz

This article challenges the arguments supporting the now-widespread practice of receiving Communion in the hand (which is now allowed as an "exception") instead of on the tongue (which is the "rule").

Eucharistic Ministers by Paul McLachlan

A summary of the implications of a recent document from the Vatican re-emphasising the distinctions that must be made between priestly ministry and lay apostolate. In particular, many parishes will need to change the way they use Eucharistic Ministers.

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