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The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony by Paul McLachlan

This is the text of a talk I gave to the Thomas More Centre Winter School in July 1997. The audience was primarily young, single Catholics in their late teens and early 20s. It is a reminder that marriage is a sacrament and a vocation - and of what that means. It also contains some helpful hints on "how to get hitched"!!

Pope John Paul II's Teaching on Marriage

In 1984, His Holiness Pope John Paul II devoted the catechetical section of his weekly Wednesday audience to the Church's teaching on marriage, and in particular, as it relates to marital relations and birth control.

For more articles specifically on the moral issues surrounding contraception, go to the articles on Moral Issues.

11 Jul 1984: The Morality of the Marriage Act determined by the Nature of the Act and of the Subjects
18 Jul 1984: The Norm of Humanae Vitae arises from the Natural Law and Revealed Order
25 Jul 1984: The importance of harmonizing Human Love with respect for life
1 Aug 1984: Responsible Parenthood
8 Aug 1984: Faithfulness to the Divine Plan in the Transmission of Life
22 Aug 1984: The Church's position on the transmission of life
28 Aug 1984: A discipline that enobles Human Love
5 Sep 1984: Responsible Parenthood linked to moral maturity
3 Oct 1984: Prayer, Penance & the Eucharist are the Principal Sources of Spirituality for Married Couples
10 Oct 1984: The Power of Love is given to man and woman as a share of God's love
24 Oct 1984: Continence protects the dignity of the conjugal act
31 Oct 1984: Continence frees one from inner tension
7 Nov 1984: Continence deepens personal communion
21 Nov 1984: Respect for the work of God
28 Nov 1984: The Redemption of the Body and the Sacramentality of Marriage

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