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Catholic Family Life

Blessed Objects, Pictures and Statues

Apart from having your home formally blessed by a priest when you move in, you should also have a proliferation of devotional objects around the home. Each room should have one, either a picture, statue or crucifix. Every bedroom should have a crucifix.

We have a family heirloom crucifix in our living room along with a statue of Our Lady and our Papal Blessing (of our marriage) framed and on the wall -- hey, we're proud of it!

We have pictures or small statues of angels, Our Lady or Our Lord everywhere else in the house. We even have fridge magnets with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary on them!! (But we don't have any glow-in-the- dark statues -- we're not that kitsch!)

There is always a pair of Rosary beads somewhere nearby and the "Palm" leaves that were blessed at Mass on Palm Sunday sit on our Crucifix in the living room.

These aren't there for superstition like good-luck charms. They remind us constantly to think of Jesus and Our Lady and to turn to them at all times. It keeps them always in our thoughts and our hearts. Just as you'll see plenty of pictures of our extended family around the house, so too you'll see pictures and statues of our Heavenly Family!

Being Catholic is part of our very being -- we don't hide that from our visitors -- we revel in it! And hopefully we take some of it out into the world when we leave the house too!

Holy Water

There is always a bottle of holy water handy at home. We bless ourselves and the children before going to bed at night. It used to be that there would be a holy water font at the entrance of every Catholic home and at every bedroom door so that you could bless yourself when you got up, went to bed, got home or went out. We are trying to reinstitute that practice at home. It just gets you and keeps you in the right frame of mind!


The most important Catholic observance that seems to have fallen by the wayside is saying Grace at mealtimes. Sadly, many families don't even eat together, let alone say Grace together!

But there are so many other little observances, which some might consider superstitious, but which we find a boon to our faith:

Many older Catholics probably will remember a lot of these things with fondness. They used to be so common and widespread. Most younger Catholics don't have a clue what you're talking about!

But, of course, none of these things is required to be a good Catholic -- however, I'll vouch for the fact that they sure can help!

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