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Cardinal Pimenta

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Cardinal Pimenta
H.E. Simon Ignatius Card. PIMENTA
Archbishop Emeritus of Bombay
100 (Born Monday, March 01, 1920)
Cardinal since:
Tuesday, June 28, 1988
Cardinal Priest of S Maria Regina Mundi a Torre Spaccata

Cardinal Pimenta was born in Marol, a suburb of Bombay, on March 1, 1920. He was ordained on December 21, 1949. Before coming to Rome to study at the Pontifical College of St. Peter the Apostle, he served as assistant parish priest in Bombay and worked with the Bombay Curia. In 1954, Pimenta graduated in Canon Law at the Urban University. He returned to India, where he had many different assignments, before being named Bishop of Bocconia on June 5, 1971. On February 26, 1977, Paul VI named him Coadjutor of Bombay, and subsequently, Archbishop on September 11, 1978. He has served as President of the Indian Episcopal Conference and was elevated to the cardinalate during the Consistory of June 28, 1988, by John Paul II.

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