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Cardinal Corripio Ahumada

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Cardinal Corripio Ahumada
Archbishop Emeritus of Mexico
101 (Born Sunday, June 29, 1919)
Cardinal since:
Saturday, June 30, 1979
Cardinal Priest of Immacolata al Tiburtino

First of four brothers, he was born in Tampico, Mexico, on June 29, 1919. When he was only 11, he entered the Minor Seminary of Puebla. In 1935, he went to Rome to continue his studies at the Latin American College. He graduated from the Gregorian in Philosophy in 1937, in Theology in 1942, in Canon Law in 1944 and in Church history in 1945. On October 25, 1942, he was ordained a priest. Back in Mexico, he taught theology and philosophy. On March 19, 1953, he was consecrated Bishop. He was the first "son of Tampico" to receive this title. He was transferred to Tampico on February 25, 1956 and promoted to Antequera on July 25, 1967. On March 8, 1976, he was transferred again to Puebla de Los Angeles. A year later, on July 19, he became Archbishop of Mexico City. As Consultant to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, together with Cardinals Baggio and Lorscheider, he presided over the Assembly of the Latin American Episcopate in Puebla. Pope John Paul II made him a cardinal during the Consistory of June 30, 1979. Corripio Ahumada renounced his position as Archbishop on September 29, 1994.

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