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Cardinal Dziwisz

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Cardinal Dziwisz
H.E. Stanislaw Card. DZIWISZ
Archbishop of Krakow
80 (Born Thursday, April 27, 1939)
Cardinal since:
Friday, March 24, 2006
Cardinal Priest of St Mary del Popolo

Born on 27 April 1939 in Raba Wyzna, Poland. He studied for the priesthood in Krakow and was ordained on 23 June 1963 in the Cathedral of Krakow by Archbishop Karol Wojtyla (later Pope John Paul II). After parish work in Krakow, he undertood further studies, obtaining a licentiate in theology and was appointed private secretary to the Archbishop, a position he retained after Cardinal Wojtyla's election as Pope John Paul II in 1978, and until the Pope's death in 2005. He obtained his doctorate in theology in 1981 from the Pontifical Faculty of Theology of Krakow; and later an honorary doctorate from the Catholic University of Lublin on 13 May 2001 (the 20th annivesary of the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II).

He was consecrated as a bishop on 19 March 1998 by Pope John Paul II after being appointed Prefect Adjunct of the Papal Household on 7 February 1998. He was later elevated to the rank of Archbishop on 29 September 2003.

Following the death of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Archbishop of Krakow on 3 June 2005 and created him Cardinal in the consistory of 24 June 2006.

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