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Cardinal Husar

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Cardinal Husar
H.E. Lubomyr Card. HUSAR
Major Archbishop of Kiev of the Ukrainians
87 (Born Sunday, February 26, 1933)
Cardinal since:
Wednesday, February 21, 2001
Cardinal Priest of Santa Sofia a Via Boccea

Cardinal Husar was born on 26 February 1933 in Lviv (Ukraine). He left the Ukraine with his parents during World War II in 1944. He studied at the Catholic University of America and Fordham University in New York before his ordination on 30 March 1958 for the eparchy of Stanford of the Ukrainians (USA). From 1958-1969, he taught at St Basil's College Seminary, Stamford. Then he was pastor at Kerhonkson from 1966-1969. He undertook further studies from 1969-1972 at the Pontifical Urbanian University in Rome obtaining his doctorate in theology. He then entered the Monastery of "Studiti" in Grottaferrata, Italy, in 1973 and was made Superior in 1974.

He was consecrated a bishop on 2 April 1977 in Castelgandolfo (Rome) by Cardinal Josyf Slipyd, Major-Archbishop of Lviv of the Ukrainians, without papal approval. He was named Archimandrite of the Studiti Monks in Europe and America in 1978. He organized a new monastery of Studiti monks in the eparchy of Ternopil, Ukraine in 1994 and was elected by the Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Church as exarch of the archiepiscoapl exarchy of Kyiv-Vyshorod, Ukraine in 1995. This was confirmed by the Holy Father on 22 February 1996. He was named auxiliary bishop of Lviv of the Ukrainians by the Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Church on 14 October 1996. Pope John Paul II made him apostolic administrator of the Major-Archdiocese of Lviv of the Ukrainians on 23 December 2000 and he was elected Major Archbishop on 25 January 2001 with confirmation of the appointment from the Holy Father on 26 January 2001.

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