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UN admits it was wrong about overpopulation

Vatican (CWN) -- In an unprecedented admission, the United Nations Population Fund has acknowledged that its previous frightening predictions about a "population bomb" have been inaccurate. And the organization has also acknowledged that its latest estimates have also exaggerated the growth of world population.

In 1994, the Population Fund estimated that worldwide population growth would be approximately 94 million each year, until easing back to 85 million around the year 2020. But last year, world population growth amounted to only 81 million-- 20 percent below the UN estimate. In 1989, the Population Fund predicted that by the year 2000 the world's population would be 6.25 billion; the latest figures suggest that that estimate is high by at least 160 million-- a figure roughly equivalent to the population of Brazil!

The latest statistics, published this week by the UN, demonstrate that Pope John Paul II and his allies were correct when they said, in preparation for the Cairo conference on population growth, that international agencies were grossly exaggerating the trends in world population.

[Reproduced with permission of the Editor.]

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