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Ever Virgin

Our Lady's Perpetual Virginity

Mary remained a virgin in conceiving her Son, a virgin in giving birth to Him, a virgin in carrying Him, a virgin in nursing Him at her breast, always a virgin.
(St Augustine, Sermon 186,1)

Catholics believe that the Virgin Mary remained a virgin her entire life, even though she was married to St Joseph.

The question of her remaining a virgin during the birth of the Lord is a perplexing one. Does it mean the birth was a miraculous birth, avoiding the pangs of childbirth (which scripture tells us is a result of original sin) and avoiding breaking her virginity, or was it a natural (if painless) birth?

It is often suggested that the "brothers and sisters" of the Lord mentioned in Scripture are evidence that Mary had other children after Jesus, but:

The Catechism states:

Mary is a virgin because her virginity is the sign of her faith 'unadulterated by any doubt, and of her undivided gift of herself to God's will.

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