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Traditional Hymns CDs

Ave Maria Album (Price, Lanza, Caruso, Domingo)
[CD] (1998)
Faith of Our Fathers
$13.99 (Save $2.98)
[CD] (1998)
1. Holy God, We Praise Thy Name 2. Sweet Heart of Jesus 3. Hail Redeemer King Divine 4. Salve Regina 5. Faith of our Fathers 6. Bells of the Angelus 7. To Jesus, Heart All Burning 8. Tantum Ergo 9. Soul of My Saviour 10. Cead Mile Failte 11. Queen of the May 12. O Sacrament Most Holy 13. Lord of All Hopefulness 14. Ave Verum 15. Hail Glorious Saint Patrick 16. I'll Sing A Hymn To Mary 17. Hail, Queen of Heaven 18. Regina Coeli 19. Jesus My Lord, My God, My All 20. We Stand For God
Faith of Our Fathers II
$13.99 (Save $2.98)
[CD] (1998)
1. Faith of Our Fathers 2. Sweet Sacrament Divine 3. Dochas Linn Naomh Padraig 4. O Purest of Creatures 5. Ag Criost An Siol 6. Rose Unpetalled 7. Failte Romhat A Ri nAingeal 8. O Salutaris Hostia 9. Praise To The Lord, The Almighty 10. Holy Mary, Full of Grace 11. O Mother I Could Weep For Mirth 12. Traditional Irish Hymn 13. O Sacrum Convivium 14. Ave Maria 15. Panis Angelicus 16. God of Mercy and Compassion 17. Come O Creator 18. Lead Kindly Light 19. O Sanctissima 20. Deus Meus Adiuva Me 21. Lady of Knock
Songs of Angels: Christmas Hymns and Carols
$15.49 (Save $1.48)
[CD] (1997)
Traditional Catholic Hymns
Fr Stan Fortuna
[CD] (1999)
Here's a CD for everyone who has been waiting for Fr. Stan to sing the great hymns of our Catholic faith. Featuring a variety of musical styles, Fr. Stan adds his inspirational and tasteful arrangements to these all time favorites with a few awesome surprises. This CD features the incredible Celtic sounds of the high and low whistles and ullian pipes played by Jerry O'Sullivan. Fr. Stan is also accompanied by Marianne Mastropolo on piano, Pete Scatt on drums, Daniel diSilva on various percussions, Joe Stelluti on soprano saxophone and Dr. Phil Mango on trumpet. The result is a full range of moods and styles: classical jazz, Celtic, folk, latin jazz, world beat, rap, orchestral and contemporary. The listener will be blessed with a fresh and refreshing musical experience rooted in the depth and beauty of Catholic tradition, disposing one to prayer and peace. It is a "must have" for those who seek Christ through the inspiring sound of music and find comfort in the traditional lyrics of our Christian heritage.
Voice of an Angel
Charlotte Church
$13.99 (Save $3.98)
[CD] (1999)

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