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Books about Spirituality

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  Divine Intimacy (New Calendar Version) (Vol.1): Advent to 8th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen
$12.55 (Save $1.40)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1987)
  Divine Intimacy (New Calendar Version) (Vol.2): Ash Wednesday to Pentecost
Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen
$12.55 (Save $1.40)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1987)
  Divine Intimacy (New Calendar Version) (Vol.3): Pentecost to 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen
$12.55 (Save $1.40)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1987)
  Divine Intimacy (New Calendar Version) (Vol.4): 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time to Advent
Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen
$12.55 (Save $1.40)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1987)
  Holiness: A Guide for Beginners
Dom Hubert Van Zeller
$8.95 (Save $1.00)
[Paperback] Sophia Institute Press (1997)
Yes, holiness is within your reach...and attaining it is far simpler than you think. These pages reveal all you need to know to get started.
Interior Castle or the Mansions
Saint Teresa of Avila
$13.50 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] TAN Books (1997)
Great Carmelite classic which describes the 7 "Mansions" of the spiritual life, from beginner to Mystical Marriage. Covers early struggles, aridity in prayer, sweetness in prayer, Prayer of Quiet, Prayer of Union, practice of virtue, visions, locutions, raptures, much more.
Introduction to the Devout Life: A Popular Abridgment
Saint Francis de Sales
$11.70 (Save $1.30)
[Paperback] TAN Books (1992)
Lead Kindly Light
John Henry Cardinal Newman
[Paperback] Paraclete Press (1987)
Loving the Church: Spiritual Exercises Preached in the Presence of Pope John Paul II
Christoph Cardinal Schönborn
$13.45 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1998)
Mystical City of God (A Popular Abridgment)
Venerable Mary of Agreda
$16.65 (Save $1.85)
[Paperback] TAN Books (1992)
A highly successful abridgment of the monumental 2,676-page, 4-vol. life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as seen in mystic vision by Ven. Mary of Agreda (1602-1665). This book overflows with enthralling information about Our Lord and Our Lady, about the creation of the world, the meaning of the Apocalypse, Lucifer's rebellion, the location of Hell, the hidden life of Jesus, etc. Reveals that St. Joseph ate meat, but Our Lord and Our Lady seldom did. Makes Christ's hidden life really come alive.
  Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ
Saint Alphonsus Liguori
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (1997)
Practice of the Presence of God
Brother Lawrence
$8.05 (Save 90¢)
[Paperback] Paraclete Press (1984)
A translation from the French, rendered into clear, graceful English, this book is a pleasure to read or give to a friend. This edition includes his Spiritual Maxims, biographical material, and the familiar letters and conversations.
Prayertimes with Mother Teresa: A New Adventure in Prayer involving Scripture, Mother Teresa and You
Eileen Egan
$8.05 (Save 90¢)
[Paperback] Image Books (1989)
  Retreat With The Lord: A Popular Guide to the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola
Fr John Hardon
$9.89 (Save $1.10)
[Paperback] Servant Publications (1993)
Rule of St Benedict
Saint Benedict
$8.95 (Save $1.00)
[Paperback] Vintage Books (1998)
Composed nearly fifteen years ago by the father of Western monasticism, The Rule of St. Benedict has for centuries been the guide of religious communities. St. Benedict's rules of obedience, humility, and contemplation are not only prerequisites for formal religious societies, they also provide an invaluable model for anyone desiring to live more simply. While they presuppose a certain detachment from the world, they provide guidance and inspiration for anyone seeking peace and fulfillment in their home and work communities. As prepared by the Benedictine monk and priest Timothy Fry, this translation of The Rule of St. Benedict can be a life-transforming book.
Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
$8.95 (Save $1.00)
[Paperback] Image Books (1964)
Three Ages of the Interior Life
Fr Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange
$33.60 (Save $8.40)
[Hardback] TAN Books (1992)
Explains the entire Catholic tradition on the spiritual life. Covers virtually all aspects of our Faith. The masterpiece of possibly the 20th century's greatest theologian. Covers scores of topics, including contemplative prayer, one's predominant fault, the healing of pride, spiritual direction, etc. Clear, complete, orthodox, inspiring! A masterpiece in every sense of the word.
Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence
Blessed Claude de la Colombière
$4.50 (Save 50¢)
[Paperback] TAN Books (1984)

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