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Books about Scripture

Catholic Church and the Bible
Fr Peter Stravinskas
$8.95 (Save $1.00)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1996)
This is a significant spiritual study guide, published from a Catholic perspective and particularly keyed to the new Catechism of the Catholic Church. The well-planned, straightforward text is clearly outlined to make information easy to find and understand.
  And the World Dwelt Among Us: Meeting the Living God in Scripture
Romano Guardini
$11.65 (Save $1.30)
[Paperback] Sophia Institute Press (1998)
Father Who Keeps His Promises: God's Covenant Love in Scripture
Scott Hahn
[Paperback] Charis Books (1998)
A convert to Catholicism, Scott Hahn brings salvation history to life for the lay Catholic. By focusing on our status as part of the family of God, he shows how the broken human family is made whole in Christ. This book helps readers understand the deep personal love God bears for his people and the plan that he has to bring them into an intimate family relationship .
  How to Read the Bible Every Day: A 1-Year, 2-Year and 3-Year Plan for Reading Through the Scriptures
Carmen Rojas
$3.59 (Save 40)
[Paperback] Servant Publications (1988)
Introduction to the Bible
Fr John Laux
[Paperback] TAN Books (1992)
Catholics who feel lost when facing Bible study will find Introduction to the Bible an extremely valuable, very thorough orientation to Sacred Scripture. Includes the true meaning of Inspiration, guidelines to understanding the Bible and the Chuch's role as the Bible's official interpreter. Also gives an introduction to each of the Bible's 72 books, with well-chosen Scriptural passages from most of the books that render a representative example of what they are like and about. Uses the Douay-Rheims English translation of the Bible. First published in 1932, it is nevertheless not dated; the information contained here remains as valid as the traditional Catholic teaching it presents.
Not By Scripture Alone: A Catholic Critique of the Protestant Doctrine of Sola Scriptura
Peter Kreeft
$17.95 (Save $2.00)
[Paperback] Queenship Publishing (1998)
Where We Got the Bible: Our Debt to the Catholic Church
Fr Henry Graham
$5.40 (Save 60)
[Paperback] TAN Books (1994)

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