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Reference Books

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Pocket Catholic Dictionary
Fr John Hardon
$9.85 (Save $1.10)
[Paperback] Image Books (1985)
The Pocket Catholic Dictionary contains 2000 entries from the original master tome of over 5000 terms that comprise the Modern Catholic Dictionary. This pocket edition reflects changes in the newly revised Code of Canon Law.
  Summa Theologiae (5 Volumes)
Saint Thomas Aquinas
[Hardback] Christian Classics (1981)
Theology For Beginners
Frank Sheed
[Paperback] Servant Publications (1982)
Theology for Beginners has been acclaimed as one of the outstanding modern introductions to theology. It is a clear, precise, a nd inspiring com-pendium of the central doctrines of the Christian faith.
Treasury of Catholic Wisdom
Fr John Hardon
$19.95 (Save $4.99)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1995)
The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom is a Catholic library in miniature, a one-volume microcosm of what the Church's great minds have thought and said since the apostolic age. Indeed, in The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom, noted theologian Fr. John A. Hardon has compiled the works of thirty-three of the greatest Catholic thinkers and writers, representing every period of the Church's passage through time, from the beginnings of Christianity to the present day.
  Book of Catholic Quotations
John Chapin
[Hardback] Roman Catholic Books (1998)
Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent
$13.50 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] TAN Books (1992)
Catechism of the Council of Trent
Saint Robert Bellarmine
[Paperback] TAN Books (1983)
Catholic Dictionary
Donald Attwater
$19.20 (Save $4.80)
[Paperback] TAN Books (1997)
  Code of Canon Law (Annotated)
University of Navarre
[Paperback] Scepter Publications (1998)
This work first appeared in Spanish, then in French, and now in English. It is a thoughtful, canon-by-canon commentary on the entire 1983 Code. It includes the Latin-English text of all canons, offers a superb English index, and provides a very useful appendix of complementary canonical legislation from numerous countries.
  Companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Compendium of Texts Referred to in the Catechism
$23.96 (Save $5.99)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1994)
This helpful companion volume lists all the quoted passages and saves the serious student hours of research trying to track down the documents referred to in the Catechism. It's not a book for helping you understand the Catechism, but it is the perfect companion for studying the Catechism and appreciating its fullest meaning.
Gospel, Cathechesis, Catechism: Sidelights on the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1997)
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, one of the key persons responsible for the compilation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, extends an invitation for critics of the document to engage it positively or fear losing touch with the common Catholic.
Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
Fr Rodger Charles
$8.95 (Save $1.00)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (2000)
This work distills Fr. Rodger Charles’ extensive knowledge of the social teaching of the Catholic Church into an introductory outline of its principles. It has been written especially for use as preliminary reading material for those studying the Church’s teaching in this area, but will also serve equally well as a general introduction to the ethics of decision making in the civic, political, and economic spheres of human society. The social teaching of the Church usually refers to modern documents, but there is social teaching in the Scriptures, and this teaching has developed within the tradition of the Church. Charles gives an overview of the evolution of social teachings. He quotes liberally from Church social documents, and adds an introduction and commentary to each section of this book.
Light In the Heavens: The Encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII
Pope Leo XIII
[Hardback] TAN Books (1995)
Pocket Catholic Catechism
Fr John Hardon
$9.85 (Save $1.10)
[Paperback] Image Books (1989)
With close to a quarter of a million copies sold in its other editions, The Catholic Catechism remains a popular contemporary source book on the principal teachings of the Catholic Church. The author has adapted his master tome for the individual enquirer or for group study.
  Principles of Catholic Theology: Building Stones for a Fundamental Theology
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
$25.56 (Save $6.39)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1987)
A collection of articles and talks written around a central theme the fundamental structure of Christianity: Catholicism, the inter-relationship of other forms of Christianity, the features that distinguish Catholicism from other Christian theologies. Ratzinger outlines the fundamental principles of theology and the proper relationship of theology to Church teaching and authority.
Question and Answer Catholic Catechism
Fr John Hardon
$13.50 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] Image Books (1981)
A perfect way for modern Catholics to address the issues of faith, this straightforward catechism provides precise answers to more than 1,700 questions about Church teachings, rituals, and religious practice.
Summa Theologiae: A Concise Translation
Saint Thomas Aquinas
$27.96 (Save $6.99)
[Paperback] Christian Classics (1997)

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