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Books on Prayer

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15 Days of Prayer with St Teresa of Avila
Jean Abiven
$7.15 (Save 80)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
15 Days of Prayer with St Therese of Lisieux
Constant Tonnelier
$7.15 (Save 80)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (1999)
  15 Days of Prayer with St Thomas Aquinas
$7.15 (Save 80)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
Art of Praying: The Principles and Methods of Christian Prayer
Romano Guardini
[Hardback] Sophia Institute Press (1993)
You've matured, but have your prayers? Here's help for those who find prayer routine and boring. Your problem may not be so much failure of will (you do try to pray well) but lack of knowledge about mature prayer--and the good news is that it's easily overcome. Here are prayer basics for folks who already pray. It's not that praying is complicated, but only that most of us have been doing it for so long that we pray automatically without really thinking about it.
At Prayer with Mother Teresa
Eileen Egan
[Hardback] Liguori Publications (1999)
This book is a spiritual portrait of Mother Teresa, collecting prayers that influenced, or that were written or prayed by, the woman whose words have captivated and inspired untold millions worldwide.
  Be Mindful of Us: Prayers to the Saints
Anthony Chiffolo
$13.45 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
Behold the Cross: Meditations for the Journey of Faith
Tony Kelly
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (1999)
Based on the original Stations of the Cross, the reflections in this work by noted Redemptorist theologian Tony Kelly include stations with a more secure biblical basis -- the Last Supper, the Agony in the Garden, and the Resurrection -- in place of some of the traditional stations, such as Jesus' meeting with His mother and His encounter with Veronica.
Book of Prayers
John Uboldi
$5.35 (Save 60)
[Paperback] Our Sunday Visitor (1981)
A collection of traditional prayers arranged in ten groups. Each group is accented by woodcut illustrations.
Catholic Book of Prayers
Maurus Fitzgerald
[Hardback] Catholic Book Publishing Co (1988)
  Catholic Prayer Book
Michael Buckley
$23.99 (Save $6.00)
[Paperback] Servant Publications (1986)
The catholic prayer book represents a fine attempt to reestablish a venerable catholic tradition, namely the personal prayerbook. the editor has culled excellent prayers from catholic treasury of the past and present.
Catholic Prayer Book
Fr Robert J Fox
$5.35 (Save 60)
[Paperback] Our Sunday Visitor (1980)
This manual brings together with new prayers appropiately adapted to special needs and vocations. These prayers may serve to initiate the user into other individualized prayers.
  Daily Reflections with Mary
Rawley Myers
[Paperback] Catholic Book Publishing Co (1991)
  Essential Advent & Christmas Handbook: A Daily Companion
$11.70 (Save $1.30)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
Essential Lenten Handbook: A Daily Companion
$12.55 (Save $1.40)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
  Favorite Novenas to Jesus
Lawrence Lovasik
[Paperback] Catholic Book Publishing Co (1995)

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