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Books on Prayer

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Church Visible: Ceremonial Life and Protocol of the Roman Catholic Church
James-Charles Noonan
[Hardback] Penguin (1996)
The ideal companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this definitive reference work on the external life of the Church, its ceremonies, traditions, and protocol is the only book of its kind published in the last 100 years, making it the first to take into account the momentous changes instituted by Vatican II.
Essential Catholic Prayer Book: A Collection of Private and Community Prayers
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (1999)
Bringing together more than 250 prayers and devotions that cover every aspect of the Catholic heritage, "The Essential Catholic Prayer Book" is a comprehensive, easy to use resource for those seeking a more satisfying and varied prayer life.
Essential Rosary: Prayers
Caryll Houselander
[Paperback] Sophia Institute Press (1996)
This is a great book. For beginners it has bead-by-bead instructions and diagram. For people that already know the rosary it has Prayers at the end of each Mystery.
Manual of Prayers
$23.95 (Save $5.99)
[Hardback] Our Sunday Visitor (1998)
Novena: The Power of Prayer
Barbara Calamari
$19.96 (Save $4.99)
[Hardback] Penguin (1999)
Today's spirituality movement stresses the holistic value and the power of prayer. But one special, long-established form of intention and affirmation has been overlooked: the novena. Perennially popular in the Catholic Church, a novena is a nine-day period of prayer for a particular grace or intention, often offered as a supplication to a saint with expertise in a particular area. Novena, a volume that will enchant the eye and touch the soul, traces its history and brings together thirty-six of the best-known novenas. Each is accompanied by a luminous image of its affiliated saint--fiercely beautiful and intensely human--adapted, with a contemporary air, from a traditional prayer card; by a brief discussion of the saint's life and particular specialty; and by instructions on when, and why, to use the novena. Novena is divided into four sections: novenas to the saints, the angels, the madonna (each revealing a different aspect of her personality), and the Divinity. An appendix cross-references specific concerns with appropriate novenas: We learn how the saints themselves transcended such problems as a turbulent youth, a difficult marriage, or abuse. The ideal gift for Easter and Mother's Day, this jewel of a book has year-round bestselling potential.
Prayer of the Church: The Rosary
[CD] (1999)
Recitation of the Rosary and other traditional Catholic prayers, with instrumental and vocal renditions of traditional hymns.
Preparing Yourself for Mass
Romano Guardini
[Paperback] Sophia Institute Press (1997)
Preparing Yourself for the Mass, formerly Meditations Before Mass, by Romano Guardini, is a book discussing the meaning, symbolism and spirituality of the Mass. He talks about the proper way to approach the Mass, its significance, the difference between the arena of the Mass and the "marketplace" of the world, the symbolism of the words spoken, artifacts used, etc. He also discusses, interwoven in this, the significance of appearance, deportment and "external symbolism" in the body of a man - spiritual vs "worldly" man - in other words, how our outer appearance affects our inner state, and vice versa. It is a very beautiful meditation on the importance of atmosphere, appearance, dignity and respect, and the importance of being able to discern chaos, bad taste, noise, affliction and those things which mitigate against right relationship with God.
  15 Days of Prayer with St Augustine
$7.15 (Save 80˘)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
15 Days of Prayer with St Benedict
Andre Gozier
$7.15 (Save 80˘)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
15 Days of Prayer with St Bernadette of Lourdes
François Vayne
$7.15 (Save 80˘)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (1999)
  15 Days of Prayer with St Bernard
Pierre-Yves Emery
$7.15 (Save 80˘)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
  15 Days of Prayer with St Catherine of Siena
Chantal Van Der Plancke
$7.15 (Save 80˘)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
  15 Days of Prayer with St Francis de Sales
Claude Morel
$7.15 (Save 80˘)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
  15 Days of Prayer with St John of the Cross
$7.15 (Save 80˘)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)

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