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Books on Liturgy

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Fifty Ways to Tap the Power of the Sacraments
Bert Ghezzi
$8.95 (Save $1.00)
[Paperback] Our Sunday Visitor (1995)
Written in 50 short, anecode-filled chapters, this book presents a practical, useful picture of that spirit filled, sacramentally powered life that is every Christian's birthright.
  Graduale Triplex (In Latin)
[Hardback] Paraclete Press (1979)
How Christ Said the First Mass
James J Meagher
[Paperback] TAN Books (1985)
Shows how the traditional Mass sums up the entire Old Testament worship from the time of Adam to the time of Christ, how even minute details of the present Mass were used by Christ in the very First Mass, and how they have come down to our day with the same symbolic meaning they originally had. The author delves into the history and tradition of every aspect of Hebrew worship and shows clearly how Our Lord blended and wove them all together into the beautiful liturgy we call the Mass. Informative, thought-provoking and inspiring beyond all lauds.
Incredible Catholic Mass: An Explanation of the Mass
Martin Von Cochem
$12.15 (Save $1.35)
[Paperback] TAN Books (1997)
Based on the Traditional Latin Mass, but actually about the essence of the Mass itself. Shows it is not just a prayer, but a powerful sacrifice given to us by Almighty God to fulfill all our spiritual needs.
  Kyriale: The Pieces of the Ordinary of the Mass
[Hardback] Paraclete Press (1985)
Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth
Scott Hahn
$15.96 (Save $3.99)
[Hardback] Doubleday (1999)
The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth reawakens a surprising ancient view of the Eucharist, as the harbinger of the supernatural drama described by the New Testament book of Revelation. Catholic theologian Scott Hahn thinks that many worshippers receive the sacrament of communion without ever considering its links to the end of the world, the Apocalypse, and the Second Coming. Hahn wants to change our minds; he wants us to know that "The Mass--and I mean every single Mass--is heaven on earth." Literally. So, Hahn declares, "Now heaven has been unveiled for us with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ ... Jesus Christ Himself says to you: 'Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with Me' (Rv. 3:20)." Hahn's enthusiasm, as evident even from these short quotes, is considerable--and infectious. Furthermore, he delivers his arguments with great levity (demonstrated in chapter titles such as "Oath Meal"), which makes The Lamb's Supper quite a tasty read.
  Latin Hymns
Adrian Fortescue
[Hardback] Roman Catholic Books (1994)
Lector's Guide to Biblical Pronunciation
Joseph Staudacher
$5.35 (Save 60¢)
[Paperback] Our Sunday Visitor (1990)
The purpose of this manual is to help those who read the Scriptures aloud in the liturgy to do so efficiently and acceptably, particularly with the difficult pronunciations of person, places, and things found in readings assigned for the 3 year cycle.
Liturgy Betrayed
Denis Crouan
$10.75 (Save $1.20)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (2000)
For more than thirty years the Church has been torn apart by a conflict that revolves around the question of Liturgy. In this instructive and practical work, Denis Crouan makes accessible to everyone the criteria which have been issued by the Magisterium and which define a truly Catholic Liturgy in today’s Church. From a position of strength as an experienced theologian, Crouan attempts to show the real causes of the liturgical crisis that has been afflicting the Church. At the same time, his aim has been to highlight the sort of pastoral action that would allow this crisis to be overcome. His solution is not to argue for a return to the past, nor is it to promote arbitrary innovations as regards the liturgical celebration of our faith. Rather, he champions a restoration of the individual authority of the bishops in bringing about, solely with the help of the official liturgical texts, the proper application of the principles clearly enunciated by Sancrosanctum Concilum, Vatican II’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy.
  Liturgy of the Hours: Ordinary Time Weeks 1 to 17
[Paperback] Catholic Book Publishing Co (1980)
  Looking At the Liturgy: A Critical View of Its Contemporary Form
Fr Aidan Nichols
$8.95 (Save $1.00)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1997)
  Politics of Prayer: Feminist Language and the Worship of God
Helen Hull Hitchcock
$15.25 (Save $1.70)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1992)
Distinguished Catholic and Jewish scholars, theologians, and linguists offer important insights into the functions of language as well as penetrating analyses of the feminists' influence on Scripture and worship.
Recovery of the Sacred
James Hitchcock
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1995)
James Hitchcock gives an extraordinarily incisive analysis of the liturgical abuse and destructive liturgical reforms brought about by professional liturgists and other "experts" over the last thirty years. Hitchcock chronicles the havoc wreaked by modern liturgists who abandoned the noble purposes of the classical (pre-1965) Liturgical Movement whose aim was to deepen people's appreciation of the inexhaustible mystery of the liturgy by elevating the practice of the liturgy to incorporate neglected riches of earlier centuries, especially the patristic Age. Instead liturgists have sought "relevance" by means of continued adaptation to contemporary culture.
  Rite of Baptism
[Paperback] Catholic Book Publishing Co (1991)
Sacred Choral Music of JS Bach: A Handbook
John Butt
$10.75 (Save $1.20)
[Paperback] Paraclete Press (1997)
  Shorter Book of Blessings
[Hardback] Catholic Book Publishing Co (1990)
Solesmes and Dom Gueranger 1805-1875
Dom Louis Soltner
[Paperback] Paraclete Press (1996)
French scholar, priest and monk Dom Gueranger believed that reflection, solitude and a return to the tradition of Gregorian chant were essential to the mission of monastic revival. Respected by bishops, popes, musicologists and scholars for his theological and musical knowledge, he was a central figure in the revival of the chant in France and in the development of church doctrine.
  Understanding the Sacraments: A Guide for Prayer and Study
Fr Peter Stravinskas
$7.15 (Save 80¢)
[Paperback] Ignatius Press (1997)
Understanding the Sacraments is a popular guide for prayer and study of all seven sacraments, designed for use by individuals and groups. Everyday anecdotes and examples enliven the text. Questions for group discussion are appended.

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