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Books on Catholic Places

Catholic Shrines of Central and Eastern Europe: A Pilgrim's Guide
Kevin J Wright
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (1999)
Packed full of practical and essential information, this pilgrimage guidebook covers more than seventy of Christianity's most celebrated shrines and sanctuaries in eleven Central and Eastern European countries. In these pages you can visit famous holy sites such as those found in Prague, Czestochowa, Ephesus, Budapest, Krakow, Vienna, and the Greek Islands, while also learning all about miraculous images, Marian apparitions, renowned biblical sites, cathedrals, abbeys, eucharistic miracles, relics and more.
Catholic Shrines of Western Europe: A Pilgrim's Travel Guide
Kevin Wright
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (1997)
Invites the reader on a pilgrimage to more than 70 of Western Europe's most celebrated shrines and sanctuaries. In these pages you will visit Lourdes, Fatima, Knock, the Vatican, and other holy sites and learn all about Europe's Marian and angelic apparitions, eucharistic miracles, relics, miraculous statues, and more.
Fodor's Holy Rome: A Millennium Guide to the Christian Sites
$16.80 (Save $4.20)
[Paperback] (1999)
Years of massive renovations have prepared Rome for the 26th Jubilee and the start of the third millenium. Today the city gleams more brilliantly than ever, displaying a fresh, bright face that conjures up the city of centuries gone by, when popes, cardinals, and powerful families were adding magnificent new works of art and architecture to the city's treasure of antiquity and its early Christian relics.
Inside the Vatican
Bart McDowell
$31.99 (Save $8.00)
[Hardback] National Geographic Society (1993)
For nearly a year, seven days a week, Stanfield photographed virtually every corner of the 108.7-acre enclave that is both the world's smallest nation and the center of the world's largest religious body, the Roman Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II, the Roman Curia, the color and pomp of centuries-old ceremonies...
Rome: A Guide to the Eternal City
Loretta Gerson
[Paperback] (2000)
Here's a beautiful little book on that most marvellous of cities. But "Rome - A Guide to the Eternal City" is much more than just a guide book - it is also a narrative which tells the story of Christianity through the monuments and churches of Rome. Beautifully descriptive writing, backed up with numberous illustrations and full-colour photographs. Very helpful if you are visiting Rome, and very tantalising if you are not able to visit Rome.
Shrines of the Holy Land: A Pilgrim's Travel Guide
Jill Gill
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (1998)
Whether you're making an actual pilgrimage to the Holy Land or enjoying a spiritual journey without leaving home, Shrines of the Holy Land is your essential guidebook to the land of Jesus' birth, life, passion, death, and resurrection.
St Peter's Basilica: A Virtual Tour (CD-Rom)
$62.95 (Save $7.00)
[CD-Rom] Our Sunday Visitor (1999)
A multimedia product that's in a class by itself, St. Peter's Basilica on CD-ROM takes you on the most detailed tour of the timeless work of art we call the Vatican. You could literally spend hours exploring the architectural splendor and historical significance of the mosaics, statuary, monuments, altars, doors, domes, chapels, and the list goes on and on.
America's Church: Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Gregory W Tucker
$31.96 (Save $7.99)
[Hardback] Our Sunday Visitor (2000)
Gregory Tucker's metiiculous, colorful and fascinating account of the building of this monumental "national" chuch in Washington, D.C., is a testament to the movers and shakers who made it possible. It provides a fitting and well-deserved tribute to the countless American men, women and children who were ultimately the "builders." As hundreds of photographs show, this "national church" was built with a respect for the past -- and the Catholic traditions of art and architecture. Yet it was built with an eye toward the future -- and the millions of American Catholics who would come to worship within its massive walls.
  Churches of Rome
Pierre Grimal
$52.00 (Save $13.00)
[Hardback] (1997)
A large format coffee table book full of beautifully detailed pictures and information about Rome's many historical churches.
  Europe's Monastery and Convent Guesthouses: A Pilgrim's Travel Guide
Kevin J Wright
$13.45 (Save $1.50)
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (2000)
Serving as the single largest resource ever compiled about Europe’s monastery and convent guesthouses, this extraordinary guidebook features more than four hundred and fifty places of spiritual retreat in twenty countries. It is an excellent resource for travelers, pilgrims, summer vacationers, students, armchair travelers, Catholic history or trivia buffs, or anyone else interested in monasteries.
Liguori Guide to Catholic USA: A Treasury of Churches, Schools, Monuments, Shrines and Monasteries
Jay Copp
[Paperback] Liguori Publications (1999)
A tapestry of Catholic life in the United States, this guide takes readers to more than 500 churchs, shrines, monuments, schools and monasteries across the country.
Vatican City
Francesco Roncalli
[Paperback] Treasures Inc (1997)
Take a personal tour through the Vatican City State through the panorama surrounding you in this updated edition with 128 pages and 63 color photographs. See St. Peter's Basilica and its famous Square, the Pontifical palaces with frescoes done by the great masters of Italian Renaissance, the Vatican Museums with the famous Raphael Rooms, the Nicolina Chapel, the marvelous Sistine Chapel with the restored Michelangelo frescoes and a view of the Vatican Gardens.

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